Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How to fight hair loss

You used to have thick, full hair.  Now, it's thinning a bit ... or maybe, it's thinned a lot.

Now, you want to fight hair loss. You want to keep your hair.

You don't want to do a painful graft. You're skeptical of pills for hair loss that have unpleasant side effects.

You want to know if shampoos and treatments like Nioxin work.

Will, you can fight hair loss with Nioxin.

I use the full system -- the shampoo, scalp therapy, scalp treatment -- for a while, this seemed to slow my hair loss and keep my hair looking full.  Plus, it's a great shampoo that makes your hair soft and thick-looking.

As I've aged a bit, my hair loss is now accelerating somewhat.  That's when I added Nioxin intensive hair follicle booster.  It's supposed to work to stimulate your follicles and keep them growing. No, it won't regrow hair from lost follicles, but it DOES keep your hair growing.  Those follicles that used to have only that tiny peach fuzz are now sprouting hair.  That's after about 5 months of regular use.

Plus, I find the product works a bit like a pomade and helps keep your hair in place.  Combining it with the scalp treatment makes for a red scalp at first, but it works.  It makes my hair look thicker and I can tell that I'm keeping more. 

It's especially helpful (to me) at the front of my scalp where I was slowly losing my hairline. 

I'd certainly recommend you try it:

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